humorous t-shirt designs

    Ice climbing rocket pops
What a better way to combine a love of ice climbing and rocket pops than a shirt or mug with an ice climber climbing a rocket pop!
            Pineapple Grenade
Ahh, more war and fruit. If you have to throw something at your enemies it might as well be a pineapple.
Desperate times call for desperate measures when you love to surf and there's no water to be found.
Move over Segway, this is the next evolution in transportation!
watermellon bombs
War and fruit. If you have to drop something on your enemies, it might as well be fruit.
Sometimes love is hard, especially between a pencil and a pencil sharpener.

Sometimes a donut is so irresistible that it can't resist itself.
When your Veggies don't take kindly to fruit
whoever said turtles have to be slow.